Dark Sun Teleport

I: Freedom! Together Again
Dark Sun Day 1

At last, I am able to chronicle this insane turn of events in my life. It’s been roughly six months since I had seen them. Jeremy and I have been fighting in the arena for quite some time, and we’ve managed to somehow last this long. Our friends: Ryan, Hollis, and Adam came for us today. Sprung us out of our prison, but not before we encountered some guards that nearly murdered Ryan and Jeremy.

I was terrified. I didn’t know what to do. I remembered my dreams. My crazy dreams where I am walking in a field of green. The sun was shining bright with an abundance of plant and animal life all around me. I remember my meeting with Shilana, the wolf-like spirit. She told me I would inherit a great power. One that would preserve this world and help me find my way back to mine. I was willing to do anything, anything to get back home to my family, my whole other life. I missed them like crazy. I missed ice, ice cream, T.V., cars, bathing, WATER. How much I regret never appreciating having all those things at my leisure. Such things now would be inside the realm of extremely rare to impossible.

I snapped back to the matter at hand remembering all the powers she had lent to me and let loose perhaps the most powerful attack of them all. As I swung my cape open, a swarm of bats flew out almost engulfing my enemies in the mist of wings, claws, and fangs. 3 dropped instantly as Jeremy remained unaffected. The others were moved back by the waves of bats swirling their way around. I took a deep breath and ran over to Hollis who had also received powers in this strange world. Lightning shot across the room. A moment later, Ryan, who had always been the “in your face” brawler of us all was vanishing around the room, hitting enemies as he poof’d around. It was incredible. Teleportation? Maybe not in our world, but in this world it was as real as time itself. The battle ended with all of us in tact.

As we continued our escape, we came across the cave I am writing this in now. Here I saw what looked to me like a smaller version of a basilisk, and a lizard person. I tried my best at keeping the peace; at preserving natures beasts, but the lifestyle of most natives here is solely to kill or be killed. I was enraged. I didn’t want my friends to die again. I thought the battles were over. I felt trapped again. Overwhelmed. Outmatched. Then, it happened. I felt a rush of blood throughout all of my veins. I closed my eyes and opened them to reveal I had transformed. I was now a wolf. A wolf like Shilana. I had one thing in mind. Destroying my enemies. Surviving. Nothing else mattered. As one went down, I howled in victory, but the moment I had realized what had happened, I transformed back. I walked up to the last adversary and motioned for it to flee. As I turned away, it lunged at me. I had no choice. I had no choice. It was it or me. I hated myself after the fight. Five. The count was at five. 2 of them animals, but I still felt aweful. How could I? This wasn’t like me at all. Was it truly the only way? Could we have just fled instead? I told myself I would never take life again. Not man or beast. I was no longer in the arenas. If I am to help this world and find my way home, I have to keep a positive outlook on all situations and to respect all walks of life in this world. Perhaps the idea of peace and mercy is exactly what this world needs to return to its former self.

We are resting now. I’m not sure where we’re headed, but I’m confident that primal spirits like Shilana will guide us in the direction we need to go. They have kept me and my friends alive this far, I pray they can continue to do so.


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